DR O by a Rider’s Journey & Freebord Suisse

“Somewhere inside the mysterious Swiss mountains, a strange delivery is happening. Pierre Linckenheld, David Laffargue and Yoann Chapel are working together to please a strange man”

A Riders’s Journey and Freebord Suise are once again teaming up to produce this video. The concept is always the same : find a stupid idea, gather some friends and start filming while making sure having a good time.

This journey took them in the mountain of Lauterbrunnen, les Diablerets & Lausanne in Switzerland where they ended up mixing base jumping, freebording and car chasing with a mini Cooper 1998.

About A RIDER’S JOURNEY: A RIDER’S JOURNEY is a production company that captures and shares passion. It’s created by experienced riders and film makers. Everything starts by a journey and every journey is born out of passion. The passion of adventure, of testing your limits and discovering new things. Discover your journey and enjoy the ride with us.

About FREEBORD SUISSE: FREEBORD SUISSE or Freebord Switzerland is the official distributor of the Freebord in Switzerland. Freebord is 6 wheels board which reproduce the sensation of snowboarding on the street.

About the riders: . Pierre Linckenheld is a pro Freebord rider and an ambassador for Extreme. . David Laffargue is a Base Jumper and vloger .

Yoann Chapel is the head marketing and communication at Anticonf.

More information on: www.sebjam.com www.freebord.ch

Music by: Dirty Martini-14494 – Janik Riegert | Josh Tapen