Two skateboarding disciplines will be contested in TOKYO 2020: Street and Park. Below some key information.

A total of 80 athletes will compete in 4 skateboarding events: 
• 20 athletes female Street 
• 20 athletes male Street 
• 20 athletes female Park 
• 20 athletes male Park
Qualification System
Qualification system will be based on World Skateboarding Ranking. Athlete will be ranked for competing in World Skate sanctioned events in the Olympic qualifying period between 1st January 2019 and 30 June 2020. Details on ranking and qualification system will be disclosed in March 2018
Continental Quota
A minimum of one athlete per continent will be guaranteed a spot for each event.
Host Country
A minimum of one spot each event will be guaranteed to the each event.
World Skate International Judging Program (WSIJP) was launched in December 2017 in order to rule on official judging criteria and system. The operations are run by International Skateboard Judging Commission (ISJC) a diverse group of National Federation and Sport Organizer Skateboard judging experts. The aim of WSIJP is to enhance what skateboarding built spontaneously, sharing experiences to build a Judging program that is universally agreed and accepted.
Olympic Skateparks
World Skate supports the idea of Skateparks being unique in design thus enhancing progress and creativity of Skateboarding. For this reason World Skate will not release any official Skatepark Designs for the Olympic competitions, but rather disclose criteria and examples enabling Skatepark designers to create Skateparks matching the Olympic standard. Specifications and norms will be released in the first quarter of 2018